Saturday, August 27, 2011

Misadventures of Tea

By now, you all have heard about my misadventure on the mountain.

Painful, yes.

Funny, yes.

Preventable, well not really.

Sawtooth to the left. I snapped this picture about 250m from the summit.

Taken from the summit of Bierstadt. That's sawtooth.

As I've been laid up, I've had way too much time on my hands for thinking. 

First of all, accidents happen. I wasn't too terribly upset about this. In fact, I wasn't upset at all given how bad it could have been. Although Justin said that I should get the Bad Ass Mom of the year award. I know, at the time, he was scared.   

Yesterday, I made my first appearance back in the gym. I still can't bear additional weight standing, but my back & shoulders are no longer sore. My hands are scabbed up. My rehab exercises all consist of balance, strength and stretching with my own body weight. During my first appearance back, I ran into Helen who stared at my bruised and battered body, pointed at the bruises that went from the tips of my toes up to my knees and yelled in that demanding voice, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU?" After I explained, she said, "It's lucky that you are in such great shape. It could have been alot worse."

Of course, that sent me right back into my thinking mode. 

Even before the fall (fall as in GO BOOM. Not as in Autumn), I had been thinking a lot about things that I like to do.

My problem is that I enjoy doing SO MANY things. Thank goodness I don't live near an ocean because I don't know HOW I'd fit in my obsession with sailing or quiet my overwhelming surfing urges. 

So, it comes down to prioritizing. I can either focus on ONE BIG TIME CONSUMING *thing* or enjoy a little of everything.

Given that I tend to get bored with things quickly, my best option is enjoy a little of everything. 

I can't do any of it without a certain level of fitness. If you run, do triathlons, swim 10ks, climb, hike....I don't care what it know that you can't do those things without having a basic level of fitness. And, just because you can do Ironman, that doesn't mean you can climb. Because you can ride 100 miles, doesn't mean you can run 50 miles.

BUT!! The one activity that DOES connect all of these is strength, core, balance....those types of activities. When you DO plan on doing a different activity, it will be that much easier because of the work you've done in strength, core & balance. 

(btw: when I say YOU, I mean ME)

Where does this leave me?

Well, once I'm all better....which should be in about another 4-6 weeks, I'm going to do my half marathon. My friend is coming in from Costa Rica to run with me. Well, not WITH me, especially not NOW. I will likely do the half as a walk/run as I am going to miss out on my long runs. 

Then, it's about fun. Next year, I want to climb & hike more. This Fall (Fall as in Autumn not as in GO BOOM), once I'm healed, Justin and I are planning on going up hiking if weather permits, if not snowshoeing. 

I can't help it. There's nothing in the world like standing on top of a mountain. If I took a personality test, it would likely come out as a "high risk, high reward" type. Or better yet, as my friend Ti quotes on her blog "When you marry a mountain girl, you marry the mountain." (Oh, and if you haven't read her blog, please do. She's pretty amazing, and she's my idol.)

I've also gotten a great opportunity to do CrossFit for 3 months. Talk about PERFECT for my mentality. I love this type of workout. Well, it's a love/hate type of thing. 

Never fear, triathlete friends! My desire for triathlon hasn't died. In talking to coach, I've got a plan to focus on short distances, probably for the next few years. Shorter distances will give me the opportunity to do all the *long* workouts without having to sacrifice all the other things that I love....

And give me time to find NEW things. 


Bill said...

You are soooooo gonna love the CrossFit. And then you'll find out how "out of shape" you are.

One fallacy amongst triathletes is thinking that because we do three sports that we're in great shape. No, we do three things, hopefully well. All training points towards those three things.

You'll find in a few months that you're gonna be in much better overall shape than perhaps you ever were. And trust me, your run times are gonna drop like you won't believe. By running less!

Carolina John said...

You're going to love crossfit. Just don't jump onto this paleo thing that crossfitters seems to love. i just don't see the longevity in it.

Core strength is still the most important thing in triathlon too, and mostly gets overlooked. It helps improve balance and prevent injury. Get more core! Awesome stuff.

Wes said...

we're gonna have to have a chat about these little "accidents" ;-)

with all due respect to Bill, triathlon fitness allows us to do cool stuff outside of triathlon. Of course, it doesn't mean much if we don't have time to go and do it/or find it.

Anonymous said...

Climbing is life... the rest is just details.

*grins from ear to ear*

I'm glad that you're healing up, feeling better and thinking your way toward the mountains. They have a way of sorting out things for us like nothing else can.

Bill is right: sometimes you gotta run less to run better. Especially if you're filling in the cracks with Crossfit, climbing and other things that feel more like play than work.

Climb on.

MAJ said...

CROSS FIT!! WOOHOO! Color me jealous.

Bill makes so many great points. :)

Billunit said...

I can't give any advice that hasn't been covered. Maybe add some dangerous animals to the mix?