Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When you're almost there, you're almost home.

Know you're not alone.

11 days until race day.

I'm a little surprised at how I feel. I'm closing in on my longest race in a very long time, and I feel nothing.

No nerves.
No excitement.
No race dreams.


I just feel regular. I don't even feel like I have a race coming up.

I guess the word is "calm". I don't know. I've never felt this way before. I'm not making lists. I'm not panicking. I realized over the weekend that I was out of tubes and cartridges and no freak out. I just bought some.

I don't feel rushed or hurried or like I'm running out of time.

I still need to change my cassette, but I'll get to it. Everything will get done in due time.

I started planning my eating (carbo loading) for next week, making sure that I have snacks for my road trip.

Yesterday, Mr. Tea told me that he wouldn't be going to the race. It didn't really phase me. Of course, it would be nice to have a weekend away, but I'm it wouldn't really be a weekend away anyway.

I feel weird because of the lack of bad feelings, the stress feelings.

There is also the lack of "doubt". I'm not doubting myself. I'm not worrying about whether or not I'll hit certain times.

I'm just going to "do" one event at a time to the best of my ability.

Maybe it's too soon? Maybe next week?

On the other hand, I've had unusual things happen all year long. Maybe this is the result of getting used to the unexpected? You just kind of keep moving.

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Carolina John said...

You miss the stress? There has to be a psychological condition for that. I totally get it though. I have a 50k trail race coming up on Saturday. I've run about 15 miles since the ironman a month ago and I'm totally not stressing about it. Probably should be; 31 miles of running on trails in Virginia should be enough to make anyone nervous.

You just know that you are prepared so you have nothing to stress about! That's the best mental approach to take right now. Trust in your coach and your training.