Thursday, October 30, 2014

This off season thing

I only realized this morning that my off season is going to be really short this year. Well, short for me. This is because I chose my first A race of the year.

With that said and with the goals that I have this year, it's time to get down to business with my off season.

First things first, I took some much needed down time. I have more scheduled through December. A few days off here and there to get a mental break from year round training.

Next up, strength training. Gotta get STRONG to compete with these women! WE CAN REBUILD HER! WE CAN MAKE HER FASTER! STRONGER!

Finally, I did my every 9 month weigh in. Mr. Tea and I had a conversation. In his brilliance, he said, "You know you'd run faster if you lost weight".

BLEH. It's true. It was time for me to lose the 10lbs that I had put on from Sept-Dec 2013. Also, carrying a little extra weight is ok and even necessary for people going very very far; for those of us who are "sprinters", it's more of a hindrance.

I "weighted" (hahahaha! I just kill me!) until the 70.3 water retention was gone before I hopped on the scale. And BOOM. Over the course of the past 10 months, I lost 4 lbs, so now I only want to lose another 6lbs.

Of course, I hate everything about trying to lose weight. So, my approach will be that I won't try. I'm thinking that with the reduction of calories and pasta, I should be able to drop 6lbs by April.

Believe it or not, my "training" kicks off in January.

What will my off season focus really be about? (And yes, I cringed at ending my sentence with a preposition).

I have no excuses this year. I'm choosing all my own races. I'm choosing the distances that I either love or want to DOMINATE. I chose those big somewhat outrageous and possibly unreachable goals. But they're mine. All.mine.

I take full ownership of the craziness about to ensue.


LBTEPA said...

Inspiring as always I am printing out that cartoon and putting it on my fridge

Carolina John said...

So how long was Mr Tea wriggling around on the ground grabbing his recently bruised testicles after he told you that you should lose some weight? That must have been a laugh riot.

Tea said...

That's what you get after 22 years. Of course, that's why I keep him.