Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I just don't have the capacity to hate a person.

I can be really mad. I can get really sad, but I can't hate another person.

I've been watching (from a distance) a situation. This person did some things (to me) awhile ago that were really not cool. Now, karma is coming back to this person.

Instead of being happy that this person is finally getting what they deserve. I just feel really sad for them.


Carolina John said...

That's a sign of maturity - not usually your style?

Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete said...

True story! I am never the type to point my finger, laugh, and say "HAHAHAHA THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!" (unless it's the jerk-nugget who cut me off in traffic and he's getting pulled over by the 5-0), but you still think "Hm...interesting...".