Sunday, June 12, 2011

SAY it with me people.....


What a day!


Recently (on the training front), I've had a couple of issues that really hit my confidence:

First, that horrible OW swim. 

Second, making the switch to a tt bike.

Third....ok, this was not a HIT to my confidence, at.all. Setting my 5:52 goal and then running into problems....well, that hurt a bit.

More than anything, I needed a day where I could reassure myself that I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS.

Today was the day for making that happen. 

Lemme spell it out for you.


Here's the synopsis: After last week's horrible ow swim, I was SO scared to do the 1 mile swim today. Let me rephrase that, I WAS SCARED SHITLESS. Today's swim was a *race* at Boulder Res. Btw, I assumed it was an out and back. I thought, if I struggle, I will just turn around and head back. 

I almost threw up when I saw it was a loop.


Understand the sittyation? 

Alot of the people are afraid of the swim. I get that. But, the swim is my best event. BEST. If I f*ck this up.....well...nothing really happens. 

I took a few minutes in an empty part of the water and started *meditating* and saying my catch phrases that help calm me down. My HR was really high, so I needed to calm down. 

My favorite phrase and Yes, I know it's a little weird, but I just kept saying "Panic is a vulture on your shoulder. Panic is a vulture on your shoulder." 

It's sort of sing-song....maybe it's NOT going be on Barney, but you gotta do what works for you. 

I lined up at the VERY back on the far right. Everyone took off, and I took a deep breath and just started swimming. After a few strokes, I felt like I was just swimming in a pool. I went very easy, VERY easy. When I got out of the water, my watch said 43 min exactly.....which for me is very slow.

But today was not measured by speed, it was measured in confidence. I gained a ton today.

No matter how afraid of something I am, I know that I will get right back up there and make it right.

Now, I can go into my next ow swim and pick up the pace without fear of freaking out.

Then it was time for the bike. 

Again, I was nervous about riding my tt bike on this course. Would I be strong enough? Could I do the hills? 

WOW! That elevation map makes the course look so hard, but it is very fast, very easy. Ok, maybe not VERY easy, but WAAAAAYYYY easier than where I ride regularly. When I finished, all I thought was "I am going to KILL it on the bike!" I'm going back out a few more times, but I feel pretty confident that I will break 3 hours on the bike. 

Breaking 3 hours? That's what the crazy fast people do. Really. THE crazy fast.

Maybe I can do this afterall.


Julie said...

Great job Tea!!! Love the fact that you got your confidence back! I love the ride in Boulder, and you are so right the profile is so deceptive. It's really a fantastic ride!

Lora said...

Big congratulations on pushing onward!

Billunit said...

Great! Here's what to tell yourself: "You're a good swimmer. You propel yourself through the water efficiently and you could do it for hours. Makes little difference where the water is." (as long is you're not heading over Niagra Falls!)

Wes said...

so sorry, Tea. I had no idea you were dealing with OWS fear, or I would not have been so crass with my comment the other day about falling off the bike. I, of all people, know the difficulties in overcoming open water swimming. I dealt with it quite a bit this weekend.

so, chin up. I have faith you won't sink like a rock....

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