Saturday, December 25, 2010

So Long and thanks for all the fish.

As it turns out, and as that sick twisted trick of the running gods....just as I am beginning taper, I also decided against running the MS Blues Marathon.

We had some family issues explode over the weekend. Since I'm not really the selfish type, I decided that the race will have to wait another day for me to beat it into submission.

cuz, that's EXACTLY what would have happened.

I'm also not one to ever consider training a waste. 

Things I learned:
1.) I will always hate running in blistery cold, but I CAN run in blistery cold.

2.) I will never truly enjoy running 28 miles in a weekend.

3.) 26.2 miles is a stupid distance to run.

4.) When I run far, I get faster.

5.) I like getting faster.

6.) It was kind of nice going through the holiday season without having to worry about what I'm eating at parties.

7.) speaking of which, it's nice to go bite for bite with a teenager.

8.) I'm not sure if I will ever run a marathon again. Not sure....because there are other things I enjoy more. I didn't like giving those things up to run. However, if I ever feel the urge. I have some requirements:
a.) It's will not be in winter.
b.) It will have to be with friends.
c.) I can complain and complain all over again about how horrrible training is.

well, I'm glad you asked. I have a May half marathon and a June century (bike thing).

Both to prepare me for Ironman Boulder in August where I will be going for a PR.

And if you think my run training is funny just wait until I'm running with a sore a$$ after being on the bike for 5 hours. 

For now....



Bill said...

At first it was a WTF!?!?!?!, then quickly scanned. Then I re-read and caught the family piece.

You're right, that does take priority. As far as items 1-8, I can agree with 3-8.

Rest up, take care of that which is truly important and enjoy the fitness that you have.

BTW, the word verification is bilikhe. An omen? Perhaps.

Wes said...

You're passing up a trip to Mississippi. Oh ma gawd! :-)

LBTEPA said...

That's no good, I hope all is well :(
Bring on 2011 and world Tea domination!

Jason said...

Probably the best bit of advice, inspired by the title, does come from The Guide: "Don't Panic"

Plus, remember the answer is 42.

ShirleyPerly said...

Oops, not sure how I managed to miss seeing this post. Anywhoo, no use crying over spilt milk (me, not you). If you are OK with the decision, that's all that matters. There'll always be more races to do. Best of luck with the next ones!