Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's all about having fun afterall....

That's what I keep telling myself.
It's all about having fun.
I surf through pages and pages of January half marathons.

Do I really want to go back to California again?

Wouldn't somewhere else be more fun? Some place you haven't done a race?

Well....actually, some place relatively flat....or maybe just above sea level would be nice. CA really fits the bill. Besides I can visit friends.

There's Arizona, Las Vegas, Austin, Miami, Jacksonville.

Then there's Big Sur, but that's May 1st. And that's a FULL marathon.

Well, maybe a full marathon isn't so bad.

Maybe I give the marathon a bad rap.

But really....can running 26.2 miles honestly be fun?


Ok, I'm not making any promises, but let's just look at the profiles and elevations.

Now, close your eyes. Imagine getting to the 13.1 mile marker. You know you have to go another 13.1 miles.

It IS just another 13.1 miles.

What if you actually TRAINED for a marathon. you're talking crazy. You're saying I'm supposed to TRAIN to run 26.2 miles?

Well, I guess it would make the race a little more pleasurable. I mean, I really don't have any desire to hit any time goals....although, a faster finish is more desirable than say a later finish.


And there is that $100 bet on the table.


Wes said...

Well, you could TRAIN for a marathon, but then you'd just have to do a 5K... :-)

Julie said...

California sounds nice.... :)

DB (D1, Mighty B, TG 40) said...

I say - go for the fun factor. Find fun people to race with you, dress in silly costumes - and just "run" with it. :)

Titanium said...

Well, there is that $100 bet on the table... there's just no walking away from that! :)

LBTEPA said...

LOL this is brilliant, I'm sure we are related :)

riderpitts said...

well, california has in-out burger going for it

Fe-lady said...

Catalina Island Marathon.
I think it's held in March.