Sunday, June 28, 2009

A new goal...

Recently, I've been thinking alot about my half iron race in Sept.

This race oftens has some insane weather ranging from 100 degree temps to horrible storms.

I get it. I know about the potential for external elements.

Weather aside, I have been thinking about my goals. I'm very certain to PR, regardless of weather.

So, I have been pulling previous years race results. Women in my age group have been nearly doubling their prescence every year. Of course, very few women in my age group (even today) compete.

This is where is becomes interesting. If twenty women compete this year, I have to place in the top 6 in order to qualify for Nationals. Last time, I was 8th.

There's quite a jump in finishing time from 6th to 8th. I'm well aware of that. AND, it's not likely that THIS year, with the increase in competition, that I will make it to the top 6.

But, it's a nice goal for future years, don't you think?

Afterall, the competition gets faster, but so do I.


Mike said...

I know you hate it when someone asks you about finishing times but I think its relevant when you are looking for 'a spot' ... so ... what time do you think you would have to target to get top 6, top 8 or top 10 even? I know you can't guarantee it but there must be a range that you know you need to hit ... share it with us??? :)

Tribrit said...

The biggest lesson I learned from St Anthonys was that you can't control the competition, only yourself. I sweated over the 39 other women in my division and identified the ones who were my most serious competition. How was I to know that for one reason or another they did not bring their A game when I did? Race your race and wherever you place know you did your best.

MAJ said...

AMEN to what V said. :)

Wes said...

In some of the races I've done, the difference between where I finished and top 5 was 1 minute.

On race day, all the athletes are racing in the same conditions. Focus on beating the system.

I had no idea you wanted to qualify for Nationals. You go girl!! You can totally do this!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tea!

Your training is sounding so good!