Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's knowing what you are capable of

I had a moment the other day.

I went swimming for the first time in months. Then, I did it again.

This rather odd behavior went on for two weeks.

Then, I had longer swim to do...3800m. The workout took me roughly 1:20 to complete, including break times inbetween intervals.

I feel good about swimming. Of the three events, it's the one that I feel I have natural ability. In June, several people asked me what my goal time was for Ironman. I said that I knew I could hit 1:20 easily. 1:15 on a good day. 1:10 with adrenaline.

Of course, they rolled their eyes at me.

After almost 6 months off of no swimming, I jump back into the pool with a 1:20 time.

Let's just keep that our little secret.


Bill said...


My swimming experience is very similar. It's been 15 months since I've done any real swim workout, but I know could jump in and cruise quite comfortably for the 4000 meters.

The next day may be a different story.

But your secret is safe. ;)

MAJ said...

I could go for 1000s of m. But I'd be uber-slow.


riderpitts said...

wonder if was the memories of mr competitive wackjob from the fancy pool club that spurred you on?